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At Garrard Chamber, we take pride in offering exceptional ribbon cutting services to mark the beginning of a new chapter for your business. Our team is dedicated to making your grand opening ceremony a memorable and successful event. From the big scissors and ribbon, to coordinating with local officials and media coverage, we organize the event for you with precision and care.

Our Ribbon Cutting Package 

We add to the guest list

One of the ways in which we provide an enhanced ribbon cutting experience is through ensuring you will be supported. We invite our Board of Directors and local officials to the Ribbon Cutting. You will get the recognition you deserve!

We advertise

When you choose to work with our team, your ribbon cutting will be advertised across our social media platforms. With 3.3K followers on Facebook and over 200 on Instagram, your event will be sure to reach a number of people. We design a flyer with the event information that we will share and that will be made available for you to share as well. 

We bring the supplies

Don't have the materials for a ribbon cutting on hand? Not to worry! We have a supply of ribbon and a giant pair of scissors we bring to each ribbon cutting. All you have to do is bring yourself!

We ensure the memory lasts

The ribbon cutting ceremony marks the beginning chapter of your new business. This is an important milestone, and we ensure that it is remembered. We provide photography and videography throughout the ribbon cutting ceremony. These pictures and videos will be composed and posted on our social media, as well as shared with you! In addition, a write-up of the event with a description of your business will be published in the Garrard Central Record. Not only will this gain popularity for your business,  but it will provide you with a record you can keep to remember this exciting day. 

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